The bottom! But the so-called “three heroes of a hero”, can God give up another monument to the heavens, so as to usher in more friends? In the eyes of Xiao Chu and others, Li Weiqing asked with a stiff upper lip.

“Friend? I don’t understand the idea of chairman Qing! ” Li Tianya answered. “In this way, the East Dragon Alliance is now more vigorous, and some big and small forces are willing to cooperate with us. Even Kongming of the League of East thunder, the Yecheng and others of the overseas alliance want to cooperate with our Dragon League.” Li […]

Darkness, endless darkness.

  It is infinitely high, and it is infinitely deep down. There is no sound, no material, as if the universe had returned to its origin. When Nanjing Night Net came in, it broke into such a world. He did not panic, but released his knowledge and probed in all directions like tentacles. Through the layers of nothingness, a layer […]

Fujian Province, Zuohai City.

  Longtan Point is an ancient ferry in the city, just beside the Lijiang River and facing Cangxiazhou across the river. There is a small island in Jiangzhong, now called Jiangxin Park. It has a suspension bridge and is a good place for leisure. Decades ago, it was one of the busiest ferries in the Left Sea. Eight ferry boats […]

Under the times, everyone is gravel.

Under the times, everyone is gravel. At most, there are at least a few parts that are slightly larger and can be counted as stones. Xie Xing’s husband and wife, both in today’s seemingly non-trivial life, are placed under the tide of the times and consider the country’s huge population base. This is actually normal. In this era, there are […]